Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Shooting photos after dark has had its share of interesting moments. A group of five men stopped when I was bracketing some shots on the Clock tower footbridge. One of the guys inquired about what I was doing, and I mentioned I was shooting reflections in the river. He looked and advised that there were no reflections in the water, so "why was I taking pictures of that?"

One of the other guys walked over and said, he could see plenty of reflections in the water, and wished me luck with them. The first guy told the second that there were no reflections, and within 30 seconds the five of them began arguing about how many reflections there were. They never made any comments to me after that, but they argued about reflections until I last saw them walking southbound past the Carousel.

I shot about 8 bracketed shots from the footbridge, and then walked to the east side of the Washington Street couplet to shoot some other reflections. The image taken from the Clock tower footbridge is located at:

Reflection images from the east side of the Washington Street couplet are at:

Enjoy any of the reflections you see, unless that first guy was right… :-)