Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Entertainment at the Hotel Lusso

This week, my goals were the Hotel Lusso, in downtown Spokane. Of course it was snowing the night I traveled down there, and at 23 degrees, it was a very icy drive.

When I was setting up outside the Hotel Lusso, I located myself across the street adjacent to the Davenport Hotel. I was approached by a man and woman who happened to be from Munich, Germany. The couple was interested in photography, and I spoke with them for a few minutes about my night photography project.

As we spoke, I heard a loud engine noise, and looked to see a large 4WD pickup, westbound on Sprague, just east of Post Street. It looked like they were trying to beat the light, and then they changed their mind. Since it was solid ice down there, the truck completely slid all the way through the intersection, actually doing a 180, facing east when they finally stopped. The couple from Germany watched the event, and smiled. The woman commented on how some people cannot drive in snow, and I agreed.

Approximately 5 minutes later a large 4WD GMC model pickup truck, also slid all the way through the intersection, after speeding up to try and beat the red light at Post. At this point I was on the north side of Sprague, and as the driver of the second pickup slid through the intersection at Sprague and Post, I noticed that the couple from Germany had just exited the Davenport Hotel, on their way to an event at the Fox. They turned to watch as the 2nd truck went sliding through the intersection. I was able to see them laughing as they continued their walk toward the Fox…..

I’m guessing they felt all Spokane drivers are that careless in the Snow/Ice, but one thing for sure, two local Spokane drivers certainly are. At any rate, I got about 175 shots downtown, in addition to getting the entertainment in front of the Hotel Lusso.

Although I may add two more photographs to the website today of locations other than Hotel Lusso, I did add two photos of the Hotel Lusso on that cold and snowy night. A link for a second view is also on this URL.