Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Spokane photography, after hours

Shooting photos after hours gets a little more difficult in the summer. Simply put, it gets darker later, so I generally take a month or two off and focus on other photographic interests.

Recently, I began an opportunity to work with the Spokane Parks Foundation. Their executive director, Toni Nerserian made contact with me, and as a result the Spokane Camera Club is now actively involved in getting photos for the Spokane Parks Foundation. Ten of the Spokane Camera Club’s photographers were issued photographic permits for shooting in Spokane City Parks, so as we go along there will be some great shots in and around Spokane Parks coming in the future. This week the Spokane Parks Foundation was given a PowerPoint slide program with 100 parks images on it, for their marketing use. 7 Camera Club photographers donated images to use in the Park project, and the finished product is dynamite.

Yesterday I was contacted by the Public Affairs office at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Next year is the 29th National Veterans Wheelchair Games, and the Spokane Camera Club figures to being heavily involved in supporting the VAMC effort in July of 2009.

So, event when there is some personal downtime as far as night photography goes; there are always plenty of things to stay busy. The 29th National Veterans Wheelchair Games is a very worthy project, and will be in Spokane, July 13-18, 2009. These games are described by VAMC as the “largest wheelchair event in the world,” and they expect over 500 participants.

These projects, among others, will keep the shutters active this summer. Then, it will be time to get back on the Spokane streets doing lots of after hour’s photography.

John D. Moore, CPP
Spokane Night Scenes