Monday, September 25, 2006

Light Reading

Last night I had the opportunity to meet Peter Reiquam and his wife, at Peter's art project "Light Reading." Peter designed the project for the WSU/EWU Riverpoint Campus, just west of the student activity building. I had taken a photo earlier displaying his art work, and Peter was alerted that the image I took was online. Last night I set it up so I could photograph Peter sitting in one of the chairs at his art project.

The blue light at this location is very intense, and going as dark as I could go was the best way to approach the photo effort. In taking the images, several images were used, with the darkest image layers giving a better look at the actual blue colors, and the lighter layers giving some details of the art project and the area. In the second image, I cropped the blue light source totally out of the frame, since it had been covered before in the overall photo at the location. I was more interested in the blue reflected off the artist, as well as the light colors being generated in the immediate area.

Peter did a good job on this art project, as you can see for yourself. The art is located on the Riverpoint Campus, west of the student activity building. At night, you won't be able to miss this project, the intensity of the blue lights are very noticeable. Enjoy it, it is hard to miss.