Friday, December 07, 2007

Comments from Spokane Night Scenes visitors

This week I got a number of emails from former Spokane residents, who commented on how the Spokane Night Scenes images brought back some pleasant memories for them. That was really good to hear, and to have received photographic reviews from these former residents of our community was very gratifying.

I wrote some time ago about the progression I took in utilizing the digital technology of the times for work I was doing. The first digital camera I owned was purchased to allow me to shoot photographs for the Spokane Police Department website, which I was webmastering at the time. I had read about something called the Epson Photo PC camera, and I went to one of my bosses at SPD to ask for a city purchase of that camera for SPD, so I could use it on the web. I was denied that request, but I bought the camera anyhow for my own personal and family use. Although the camera was cumbersome, boxy, and had little memory, its valued uses were easy to see.

Next came a Nikon digital camera (CP 900e), which was better than the Epson in every way, and using it for the websites I was developing at the time was easy for me to do. I remember shooting photos of our infamous “ice storm,” for the Spokane PD website, and it became so easy to shoot and publish online soon after an event, the feeling was amazement. I still could not get my boss to let me purchase the camera (for SPD’s website), so I bought the Nikon for myself, and for the past number of years, the quality of the digital cameras has never dropped in quality. Each year they get better, and the uses are more pronounced.

Doing this Spokane series of photos has been helped a ton, by the cameras available in the year 2007. Setting up shoots in 2007 with two cameras and varying lenses and tripods, allows for a wide variety of shots at each Spokane location. Yes, digital cameras are a great source of fun, and a definite asset for the utility work in my business projects in 2007. The series for Spokane shoots at a number of locations has an ambitious schedule for the winter of 2007-2008, and my newer digital cameras should allow for some great image captures of our local community.

Yes, we live in a beautiful place. Having these electronic systems available for photography, makes it easy (well, sorta) to show others about our area and our community. Stay tuned, more Spokane images are coming….. Spokane has a lot more places to visit for the first time, and also some visits to earlier locations to reshoot some images with a better set of cameras.

A very Merry Christmas to all of you visitors to the Spokane Night Scenes website!