Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First Friday art display, December 2006

Gallery displays are an interesting phenomenon, and a fun one at that.

Spokane Night Scenes began a display of after dark photographs, at Gina’s Design Center, at 1 North Browne, in downtown Spokane. The display began on the First Friday of December 2006, and it will continue throughout the month of December 2006.

Spokane Night Scenes has also been invited to display again in January (January 5th) at the First Friday art event, also at Gina’s Design Center at 1 North Browne, in downtown Spokane. For the second such event, we will switch out many of the existing prints for other after dark photos of Spokane. Print orders and CD’s will once again be available at Gina’s. The prints from the January First Friday event will also remain throughout January at Gina’s.

At this month’s First Friday art event, it was just great fun. I had an opportunity to visit with some members of the Spokane Camera Club, as well as many visitors to the art display hosted by Gina’s Design Center. I sure enjoyed speaking with people about the different Spokane locations as seen in the display downtown at Gina’s. Taking photographs after dark in Spokane is certainly fun to do, but talking to art display visitors is a great time as well.

If you get a chance to visit Gina’s Design Center enjoy the photographic prints of Spokane Night Scenes. Gina’s Design Center sure hosts a great artist reception, and the refreshments they provide are nothing short of fabulous.

Enjoy the photographic prints which will continue to be displayed in December, and stop in and visit us again at the First Friday art event in January (January 5th).

Some of the visitors to this months artist reception identified some buildings they thought should be photographed, so I’ll be looking at those buildings over the next month or so. Developing strategies to photograph some locations is almost as difficult as the weather conditions can be around Spokane. A couple of First Friday visitors asked about the old ONB building downtown, so I’ll look into that one to see how I approach the project.

Happy holidays everyone. See you again at the reception, the First Friday of 2007.