Saturday, November 03, 2007

I don’t do elections, I just take photos

I don’t do elections, I just take photos

I got a group of emails from what appear to be local Spokane residents this week. Apparently there is a John Moore, who is a supporter of May Verner, who is running for Spokane Mayor. Sorry, that is not me. I am not a resident of the City of Spokane, and I do not do City elections, I just take photos.

If I did live inside the City of Spokane, I’d likely be counted as a supporter of the current Mayor of Spokane, Dennis Hession. I have had the pleasure of speaking on a number of occasions with Mayor Hession and his wife, and I have a real feel for how much they like this community. Seeing how they appreciate my after dark Spokane images, shows me that they like the community as much as I do.

Anyhow, I don’t do elections. I just take photos.