Sunday, February 13, 2011

The never ending quest

The never ending quest

This week’s quest was an effort to answer the question, “why do you always go back to the same places? True, I do hear that from time to time. “Haven’t you already taken photos down there?” “Didn’t you already do that location?” Over the years, these kinds of issues are routine. Yet, in my view, each visit to any location is different than the one before it. Nothing stays the same, even if a visit is made multiple nights in a row.

INB Performing Arts Center

This evening was a shoot in Spokane’s Riverfront Park. As noted previously, there is actually water in the north river channel, a far cry from years past. Over on the south river channel in Riverfront Park, there was considerable activity in the INB Performing Arts Center (formerly the Opera House).” This was an area I have shot before, perhaps 3 ½ years ago. Yet, it is a striking location in my view, with a lot of reflective possibilities in the slow moving south river channel of the Spokane River. To have the interior of the INB PAC illuminated made a big difference to this shot since the interior colors made reflections on the river something to behold.

A look at downtown Spokane

How many times have I shot images of dwtn Spokane? I have no idea, but hundreds, if not thousands of images. Yet, the colors of the south view from Riverfront Park into downtown Spokane can look really good after dark.

Closing out the evenings shoot

To close out the evening shoot in Riverfont Park, I toured Main Street all the way to North Division Street and headed north across Trent/Spokane Falls Blvd. To the east of Division I saw the entry sign to Riverpoint Campus, which dramatically stood out against a very dark background. I decided to shoot the entry to Riverpoint Campus, as my last official camera activity of this evening.