Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spokane Night Scenes on TV Channel 14

Last night I sat down in front of the television, and on Channel 14 (Comcast cable channel) I began to see my pictures appear on the TV screen. Previously I had some discussions about allowing their use for a community television channel, since it was a non profit group. Obviously the people at Channel 14 selected a number of my night shots, and those are now live on Channel 14.

There are some significant differences in resolution, even though I began to look at those night images with a 52” HDTV. Although this is no fault of the staff people at Channel 14, even the low resolution images I place on the web site are so much clearer to look at.

One of my office desktops has a TV tuner, and I brought up Channel 14 on the HP’s 22” monitor, and looking at those images side by side with what is available on the web was drastically different. Regardless, I think that these images of the Spokane community are perfectly in line with what the good people are trying to do with their new cable television channel. I am happy that I had images available that they chose to use for their initial efforts in structuring this community cable TV channel. I just wish they were clear enough to appreciate the actual attractions that our Spokane community displays after dark. I wish the good people at Channel 14 much success in their efforts, and they are certainly welcome to use some of my after dark images.