Monday, February 07, 2011

Back into Spokane’s Riverfront Park

Many of the targets for 2011, will include a number of trips back into Riverfront Park (RFP). I actually started shooting night photos of RFP in 1987 during a full blown security survey of the 100 acre centerpiece of Spokane. At the time I used a 35mm SLR (Canon AE1). It was obvious at that time that this was a beautiful environment.

In 2002, for the first time I began using digital equipment to capture the locations I had visited years before. Yet, in 2011, the equipment of today is vastly superior in almost every way. Software is also improved, so that earlier shots can be looked at through a completely different “lens.”

Inspiration Point

This week, I targeted one location for a reshoot. Years ago, there was very little water flowing through the north river channel. Not so this evening, there was plenty of water. Lighting had changed on the south side of the north river channel, and the color renditions of those lights were plain to see from Inspiration Point. Although it is really dark at Inspiration Point, timed exposures open up the south river bank, and almost all the lighting effect on the moving river can be seen clearly in live view and even the camera view finder.

The 2011 view of the south bank area from Riverfront Park’s Inspiration Point is located at:

Spokane Falls area

Just listen to the roar when you are on the western portion of Riverfront Park. You can’t miss it, and as you approach the roar, it just gets louder and louder. I got the same feeling when I was shooting some images at the Niagara Falls. No argument here, this is no Niagara Falls. Yet, as the very impressive amounts of snow runoff converts the Spokane Falls into a MUST SEE.

Here are a couple of links immediately adjacent to Spokane Falls.

Spokane County Courthouse

My wife Cheryl came along for this evening’s shoot, and one of the locations she pointed out a view of the top portion of the Spokane County Courthouse. One of the most beautiful structures in this area

John D. Moore, CPP
Spokane Night Scenes