Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Have Space Aliens landed in Spokane?

Have aliens landed in Spokane, or is it just artistic obelisks? I am betting that it is an artists sculpture, titled “Cooperation.”

Cooperation—Michihiro Kosuge, 1998, http://www.spokane.wsu.edu/campusresources/Facilities/art/kosuge.asp

In a recent night sojourn, I made a visit to the WSU-EWU Campus in Spokane (Riverpoint Campus). Things have changed indeed, and I discovered artistic objects that were not there (or I had not seen them), when I visited this campus a year or two earlier (http://www.spokanenightscenes.com/blueroom.htm).

I observed three very tall granite looking obelisks, with an unusual shape. Framed against a bland sky, I decided to see if I could spruce things up with some color.

One image was bracketed using a blue filter on a Big Max flashlight. Another bracketed series of images was with a red filter using the same flashlight. The images were combined in post editing (CS3, PSE6, Photomatix 3) What appears now, is a completely different view of the same three obelisks, with a completely different quality, at least in my view. All timed exposures, this was one of the easiest shoots I have had in one evening. Hauling around additional lights and filters was a bear, but it appears to have been successful in this Spokane Night Scenes image.

The low-res image is located on the website at: