Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spokane Night Scenes chosen for the Spokane Riverfront Park Map panels.

Spokane Night Scenes has been chosen for the image placement on the new Spokane Riverfront Park Map panels.

These maps are to be placed at central access areas in Riverfront Park, so that visitors to the park can see where they are and where the activity areas are throughout the park. These panels are scheduled for fabrication and placement in Riverfront Park by July 2009.

Enjoy the new maps in Riverfront Park.

A link to the new map is located HERE.

I resized the original art, and it is presented in a JPEG format.


Spokane Night Scenes at the historic Liberty Theater

I had an opportunity recently to display framed poster prints of Spokane Night Scenes images. Unlike my gallery displays in First Friday events in Spokane, this opportunity took me back to Toppenish, the Mural Capital of the State of Washington.

I got to display some selected poster prints at the historic Liberty Theater in Toppenish. The images were selected as a gallery display inside the Liberty Theater. I had some experience with the Liberty Theater in Toppenish, and at one point I developed a website for the Mid Valley Performing Arts in the Yakima Valley.

It was fun displaying the large Spokane Night Scenes poster prints, and I actually got to display my work with drawings completed by Erin (Moore) Gibson CFA. It was fun to do the gallery display with my daughter also displaying her framed art in the historic Liberty Theater building in Toppenish. For a look at Erin’s art, here is a link to her drawing efforts.

If I get a chance to display in the Liberty Theater again, I would not hesitate to take any of my large poster prints of Spokane Night Scenes to that area for gallery display. I let others choose what prints to display, and I might have chosen one or two others in place of what was otherwise selected. The people viewing the work had no complaints though, so maybe letting others pick out what was shown worked very well. For some reason, the image of the Perry Street Cafe seemed to be the most popular down there, and the pro photogs that I spoke with totally enjoyed the grayscale/color layering approach.

Exposing Spokane Night Scenes images to that region of the State was sure a lot of fun over the Memorial week period.