Monday, September 08, 2008

Spokane waterfalls after dark

I had the pleasure, with my family, of visiting TWIGG’s Bistro, in the Wandermere Business Park area (Northside). One of the things I noticed were some nicely hardscaped waterfalls in several locations. I was trying to imagine what these things would look like after dark, and I asked the Twiggs staffers about the waterfalls. They were less than knowledgeable about the lighting situation after dark, so it was time to visit the hardscapes myself.

This week I finally visited that target area, and those hardscaped water features looked better at night than they did in the daylight. I bracketed over three hundred images that night, with the last 50 or so images using colored filters for flashlights I had, to add some interest to areas that were the most drab at the particular water feature I was shooting.

The recent additions to the Spokane Night Scenes website are located at:

There are a lot of possible angles to shoot the water features, but one of the best is behind the Bank of Whitman. You may actually be the focus of adjacent party revelers, at Twiggs. Their outside dining area gives the customers full view of the water features behind Twiggs. I know that I was the focus of attention when the Big Max flashlight and colored filters came out for use on some of the shots. Nonetheless, this was an evening well worth the drive north.