Friday, January 26, 2007

Spokane Night Photos

Some things never seem to change, then again, maybe everything does. In going back to Spokane photo locations more than once, not a single time has that location been as it was when I was there before. It can change so much, that going back to the same location at varying times of evening or night, is almost like a totally different place. The sky is different, streetlights may now be on, building lights (or lack of), or even weather changes. It is just different.

So capturing the same places at different times or even seasons can be a good time. In some cases the conditions have changed so much, it just has to be a different place…yet it isn’t.

For some reason, foggy nights in Spokane seems to be a favorite of some site and gallery visitors. I would never have thought that, in fact I could only think of how crazy it was to be out with a camera in dense fog, the first several times. After speaking or exchanging emails with people about Spokane fog shots, it is now fun to go out there and see how something looks with a blanket of moisture hanging in the air. The photo can get a little noisy with fog, but when you look at it in post editing, there is a lot of mystery there that would not have been there at any other time.

John D. Moore, CPP
Spokane Night photos