Monday, November 13, 2006

Spokane Night Scenes art gallery display

First Friday art walk, in downtown Spokane, December 1st, 2006

The night photography of Spokane Night Scenes has been invited to display selected Spokane Night Scenes photographs for the First Friday Art Walk, the first Friday of December. Please consider this an invitation to view the Gallery display of Spokane Night Scenes images at at Gina's Design Corner, 1 N. Browne St. in downtown Spokane.

Visit with Spokane Night Scenes photographer, retired Spokane Police Cpl. John D. Moore, CPP, from 5PM through 8PM. December 1st, 2006.

See the art gallery display of selected Spokane Night Scenes prints, at Gina's Design Corner, 1 N. Browne St. If you have a favorite Spokane Night Scenes photo let us know and we will try and display it for you.

Don't forget, join Spokane Night Scenes photographer John Moore, and enjoy some photographic prints of Spokane after dark. See you at the event, from 5PM through 8PM. December 1st, 2006!

Refreshments will be served.

John D. Moore, CPP
Spokane, Washington , 99228-0715