Saturday, December 30, 2006

Closing out the year, with a camera

The end of the year 2006 is upon us, and it means I have lots of things to do with the cameras. First Night begins with the kid’s event at the new convention center, and then shooting photos for the rest of the night downtown. 6-8 members of local camera clubs are volunteering their time to photograph as many events as they can, so I won’t be the only one with a couple of cameras trying to document the nights activities.

Then, January 5th, is First Friday Art Walk. I just completed a transition of many of the Spokane Night Scenes prints which were displayed in December, so there are many new ones on the Wall at Gina’s Design Corner at 1st and Browne. The artist reception runs from 5PM to 8PM on January 5th, at Gina’s. What a great group of people, and they really know how to have a party at the artist receptions. If you get a chance, stop by and enjoy the new Spokane Night Scenes photographs, as well as the refreshments provided by the interior designers at Gina’s. It should be a good time.

I have been provided with some photo op suggestions for the Spokane area, so in January I will be out shooting at the locations some of you have identified.

Lots to do over the next week and then lots more Spokane Night Scenes photos to do around Spokane.