Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spokane Night Scenes prints

January 5, 2007 was First Friday Art Walk, in downtown Spokane. I added 27 more Spokane Night Scenes prints to the display area at Gina's Design Corner, 1 North Browne. Since I had displayed as many images there last month, the transition to the new images was quicker this time. Those images will be available for inspection throughout the month of January, and I might leave them at Ginas in February when there is no scheduled First Friday activity.

January 5th was a tough night for anyone trying to get to our gallery display, and there were winter storm warnings in every area around Spokane. I called a number of people I new were coming and advised them to stay home, but some of them came anyhow. Some members of the Spokane Camera Club came and visited, even though the weather was extreme. Our Spokane Mayor and his wife dropped by, and it was really a lot of fun visiting with them as we looked at the Spokane Night prints I had installed on the display wall. The Mayor asked me if I had considered displaying our Spokane Night images at City Halls Chase Gallery, and he thinks that should be something I should do. I'll let you know how that works out.

Commercial interests in the Spokane Night Scenes images has picked up, and we will agree to terms with 2 out of three commercial users requests, and the third one is in progress. Displaying Spokane in a documentary type of digital photography effort, has obviously created some commercial, as well as the personal interest. I think that whenever I capture Spokane locations with a camera, making those images available for use is a priority. Other people can learn what we already know, and that is Spokane is a great place to live, raise a family, and have a career.

I'll be out soon shooting more after dark images, cold temps or not. As long as it isn't raining, Spokane night shots will be in progress. Rain will generally put a halt on outdoor photo activity since electronic cameras don't work too well with water.

If you come up with anything that I can look at after it gets dark, let me know. Sometimes things that look average in the daytime can look striking after it gets dark. Then again sometimes the opposite happens, and it might be great during daylight, but not so much after darkness arrives. The process is very dynamic, and unless you get to every location, you just can't be sure. So, forward any ideas that you might have, and I'll take a look in upcoming photo ops.

Enjoy the new year. 2007 should be a good one for photography.