Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hunting for Spokane photos, and finding Spokane ghost hunters

One of the interesting parts of a search for nighttime Spokane photos has been purely unintentional, but enjoyable.

In the past 5 years, I have averaged 3-4 contacts (yearly) with small groups of people who are “looking for Spokane ghosts.” All of those contacts were totally enjoyable, and the outdoor contacts did not interfere at all in photographing whatever location I happened to be at.

One interesting group was searching for Spokane ghosts, via their handheld GPS unit. During that conversation they displayed a complete set of GPS locations where they were hunting the Spokane ghosts. When they asked to see a view of the last photos I had taken at the location, I gladly displayed the last two images for them on the cameras electronic display window. They felt that in one window there was the image of a face looking out at us, but to me it looked like a streetlight reflection. In any case, it was a fun group of people and it made the evening’s photo effort very enjoyable.

After my initial meeting with Spokane “ghost hunters,” I began to find them at other locations that I had listed for night photography visits. Most of the ghost hunters felt that the reason I was at the locations initially was because I was also hunting for Spokane ghosts. I wasn’t, but nonetheless, speaking with these small groups of people made the various evenings very enjoyable.

Back in my years at Spokane PD, I had responded to calls about lots of mysterious noises, and suspicious incidents. I had never encountered anything paranormal, including at several of the locations that these small groups of ghost hunters were visiting. Each evening that I happened to meet with the ghost hunters, I enjoyed listening to some of their reports about spirits and haunted Spokane locations.

All in all, these nighttime experiences have been fun, along with the actual capture of images at whatever Spokane location I had targeted for a photo op visit. I’m not sure how many contacts with these folks I will have in 2008, but I am sure of one thing, each contact will be totally enjoyable.

Here are some of the locations I met the groups.

I don’t know if any of the groups ever “found anything,” but every group sure enjoyed what they were doing.

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Rachel Schell said...

ok, it kind of creeps me out that you posted this because just the other night I somehow stumbled upon a bunch of websites about ghosts in Spokane. How oddly coincidental.

There's a house only about a block from my house that is supposedly haunted. Wilbur-Hahn House. I think I'll go knock on their door and try to convince them to let me take pictures. A pretty face will work right??!! because I have an adorable little 4 year old girl. LOL.

PS - Your night photography is outstanding!