Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hi, what are you doing?

I’m sure it does look a bit unusual, I mean, there is a guy standing in the dark with two cameras and a tripod. Considering that it isn’t an everyday experience for people to see night photographers, it is understandable that someone might wonder “what you are doing?”

I had such an enjoyable contact in Riverfront Park the other night, as I was in the midst of some “painting with color shots."

( I think I was in the midst of a series of shots using a blue filter on one of my Big Max flashlights. The blue light was pointed 30 degrees or so away from the object I was lighting (the Canadian flag sculpture north of the Carousel), and the reflection from the stainless steel sculpture was seen by RFP security officers.

The two young officers stopped by to see what I was doing, and it was a totally enjoyable conversation with these fine young security officers. A photographer that brought his own “color,” was unusual according to one of the officers.

After I finished shooting in RFP that night, I shot off an email to RFP management about the great security officers that I met with the night before. I wanted to make sure I thanked them for stopping by to visit, and for their inquiry. On this night I heard once again how different it is to see photographers who shoot after dark. In daylight, everyone walks around with a camera. At night, it is much less so.

The contact with RFP security officers added a lot to the night out, and it just represents why shooting at night is so much fun.

I'd name the two officers, but I'd rather have their bosses give them a pat on their backs.


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