Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hillyard Hobo newsletter, Spokane Night Scenes

The Hillyard Hobo Newsletter features a series of Spokane Night Scenes, including a 2009 image of Hill yard's Alaskan Lounge, on North Market Street.

The Hillyard area of Spokane has been undergoing an almost constant re-invention over the past year. The small business owners in Hillyard, lost almost all of their commercial traffic to their storefronts, as a result of the streets being closed for re-paving and design changes. After Hillyard's Market Street was reopened, the streetlights were not installed, even as automobile traffic was opened up on Market Street. As of this writing, it appears that all of the streetlights are now installed, and it is time to revisit Hillyard with a couple of cameras, after dark.

Hillyard is also a location I think I will invite a few other photographers to, sometime soon. I have close to 40 or so photographers interested in night shoots, so I think that my next group shoot should be in Hillyard. The photographers I take can get some low light experience, and a number of images can be taken of the current view of the redesigned Market street and central business area.

In 2009, I captured the Alaskan Lounge/Tavern, without any idea that the Alaskan would burn to the ground. I am glad I captured images of the Alaskan in 2009, before it ceased to exist.

John D. Moore, CPP

Spokane Night Scenes

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