Monday, April 19, 2010

6 Spokane Photographers, 6 nights, 6 different days

For the past weekends night shoot, we totaled 12 photogs. There were three noshows, but we continually looked for them to get them to the group location. I did post one image of mine online so the Spokane Parks Foundation could use it:

It was a great night for the photogs, and there was a lot of outside the box photography accomplished. So much so, we drained the batteries on at least two of the Big Max flashlights. Yet, the painting with color went well.

That is it for the large group activities until Fall, I think. I am planning a few other type activities though, although there is no date for them yet.

One activity will include 6 photographers, shooting for 6 nights, on 6 different days/occasions. 6 is the bottom/minimal number of photographers, and I may add a few more people. There are lotsa targets locally, but I'll ask each of the photogs who participate in this to select at least two of their own. Lots of other stuff will be happening, mostly in the Fall months.

It's early yet, but if you wish to be one of the 6 photogs for the "outside the box night shoot," let me know. Lots for us to work out on that gig, but doing something different seems to be appropriate. Fun? Yep, a requirement for anyone who participates on this 6 night project. Want details? Don't ask, as this is evolving. I'm not a fan of 6 nights in a row however, especially with some of our folks having day jobs. So, if interested, get in touch and I will work through the details as they get decided.

Thanks to all of you night shooters. A lot was accomplished by many of you this season. Lots more stuff coming.


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