Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Spokane Night Scenes Group Shoot for Spring 2010

In the past two weeks, we have added 8 more photographers to the Spokane Night Scenes night shooters email list. Although we are getting to the end of the night shooters group sessions for the Spring 2010 season, it is time to do one more night shoot. The next shoot will start at 1930 (7:30 PM). It will end, at least officially, at 2130 (9:30PM).

There are some options for many of you, but this winter we have done a lot of architecture as well as some popular locations. My original intent was to do this last shoot in downtown Spokane, but there is not much originality in doing that. So, we are going to a spot that is historic, and “off the beaten path.”

Our last Spring sojourn is going to be at the Olmstead Overlook area, which is also referred to as Upper Liberty Park (at least in police lingo). Some of you have likely never heard of this place, but it was observed in Spokane Parks planning way back in the earlier 1900’s by the Olmstead brothers. Originally, this location was a part of Liberty Park, and actually was the overlook to the green space below and to the east. Along came Interstate 90 (I 90), and Liberty Park was split in half by the freeway. It is now a series of ruins, rock walls and pathways. Yet, this is a perfect place for leading lines, and some very unusual shots. Ample opportunities are available here, for light trails of traffic on I90, and commercial lighting from adjacent structures.

Upper Liberty Park (Olmstead Overlook) is located on the east side of Arthur, just south of 3rd Avenue. (47°39'12.10"N - 117°23'39.17"W) No doubt you have driven by this location hundreds of times, and never paid much attention to it, especially west bound on the freeway. Parking should be free, and plentiful in the Office Depot parking lot. Your target will be across 3rd avenue, to the south. Walk across 3rd, and up the dirt pathways.

I have not been back here since 2006/2007, and it is kind of a mysterious place to visit. Ruins of “what used to be,” and “what is left from the past.” This place may also be a spot for a great sunset with some ruined rock walls in the foreground, depending on the interest generated by clouds, of course. No guarantees there. As it gets darker in this place (and it certainly will), the sky is the limit for potential shots. All of you should have headlamps or small flashlights (or both), and for those of you with Big Max type handheld flashlights and colored lenses, please bring those. Painting rock walls and other features may give you some real interesting results.

I'm not sure I will bring my cameras to this shoot, so I can help you out with your getting shots. I am likely to bring at least one Big Max light that we can use to paint something with color. This location will challenge your creativity, and give you an opportunity to shoot at a historic location most people have never even heard about.

I have had some photographic as well as police experiences in this location. I suggest that anyone arriving early, wait for another photographer or two so you can wander through this location together. Although it is early in the warmer season, there are transient issues, drug, and gang issues which have taken place here (randomly/infrequently). If someone absolutely has to remain here at 2130 hours (9:30PM), I'll remain with you, if that is needed.

Although I shot this area in 2006 and 2007 with some earlier digital equipment, here are some later evening shots captured a few years ago.

Right now, it appears that this will have to happen on a Saturday evening. As with any other date, there will be a few that will not be able to make it. Nonetheless, it has to fit into my schedule so Saturday evening April 17th it is.

There is a 30% chance of rain for Saturday (showers). If that changes, and it becomes a 100% chance of rain or is raining at the time of the shoot, do yourself a favor and stay home. There is no sense in ruining your electronic equipment.

So that I do not outnumber the photographers invited to show up, please RSVP.

Thanks everyone.


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