Saturday, March 24, 2012

Galleries of three, just wasn’t to be

Earlier this year, the setup for the Gallery display at the IMAX Theater was determined, and I was able to get 31 Spokane Night Scenes framed images installed in the lobby of the IMAX Theater in Spokane’s Riverfront Park.  That exhibit will stay in the IMAX for some time to come, but at least I don’t have to manipulate or modify that exhibit all the time.  Setting up 31 framed prints was quite a project, and something that took 4 people an entire day to hang the prints.

Along comes March, and based on the yearlong project I was working on for the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) a gallery display was to be done at the Kress Gallery in Riverpark Square Mall.  I came up with 5 more framed prints and frames for this display, but putting this 5 print display at the KRESS was harder than putting together the 31 print Gallery at the IMAX.  

Two weeks after the KRESS display was setup, I got an invitation to do a display at the Mount Saint Michaels Campus.  Initially I decided that having three Gallery displays going at the same time, was simply impossible.  In looking at the inventory left next to my office, I had three prints that were framed and all of those could be displayed at MSM on easels, for their special event beginning March 18th.  

Well, that was for naught, as my wife’s mother suffered a stroke March 16th, and Cheryl and I had to spend the next 4 days in the hospital/ER at Holy Family.  I was finally able to make contact with my friends at MSM to let them know of our family issues, and that I would be able to display the three prints.  The largest print (24 X 36) would have gone over pretty well at MSM along with a 18 X 24 print which I had initially made available at the KRESS Gallery display.  

Perhaps I’ll be able to get those prints up to MSM at some point in the future, but as everyone knows about life, “it is what it is.”  A year or two ago I would never have imagined three Gallery displays at the same time.  Yet, in my view we live in such a beautiful place, that an appreciation for the landscapes and locations around us in Spokane is now being appreciated.  

These are the framed prints that “would have,” made the trip up on the hill to MSM.

Sacred Heart Medical Center icon (24 X 36): 

Spokane River Pano (12 X 40): 

Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral (Cropped version, 16 X 20): 

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