Thursday, June 16, 2011

National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)

Fairly recently, I recruited a number of very good local photographers to participate in an ongoing shoot for the NTHP. NTHP is hosting the annual convention in 2012 here in Spokane, and quite frankly, there are a lot of historic locations in this area. So, I approached them about shooting these locations (the ones they identify), and then allowing them to use the images for a slideshow, brochures, posters, etc for their promotion of Spokane regarding this 2012 event. This event was described to me as being the largest of its kind, and having good photographers taking shots of historic locations would be more than helpful to these local organizers.

I got about 16 photographers at the outset, and lost about three somewhere during the process of shooting the locations identified by NTHP. Many of the photogs in the group of shooters, dealt with some very large sites, and others with some architectural gems of smaller size. As these shoots continue, the target for this group is to get all the images done by 1 August, so the producers of a video, using these images, will have time to work through hundreds of local images.

A handful of local photographers have been called, “the roof rats.” I have accompanied them on top of quite a number of downtown rooftops to shoot streetscapes, and to get above traffic and deciduous growth. Working with all of these property owners has been somewhat of a scheduling nightmare, but doing so gave us a look at Spokane, not quite seen before for any of us. The sites and views have been nothing short of AMAZING. I have at least 8 more rooftops to schedule and shoot, and the NTHP roof rats are likely to see some additional great views with their cameras.

This project, has helped fill the void btwn seasonal night shoots for Spokane Night Scenes, which will start again in the fall and early winter. Working with all of these property owners downtown, will help provide me opportunities for night shoots I had never gotten before. So, doing this massive scheduling will allow me opportunities for some really great night photo shoots of dwtn Spokane locations.

This is going to be a great opportunity to shoot some very beautiful views of dwtn Spokane.


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