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Spokane Night Scenes, photography from the roof of Riverpark Square Mall

Spokane Night Scenes, photography from the roof of Riverpark Square Mall

Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall in downtown Spokane, was a rooftop adventure of epic proportions, for 4 photographers on two occasions in 2011. This Spring and summer, I had the pleasure of being given access to the rooftop of Riverpark Square Mall, to photograph select targets for the National Trust for Historic Preservation 2012 Spokane conference.

Now, normally, I have no advance preview of what rooftops look like before I get access to them, and it was the same with this shoot. As a result, you either carry everything you need in a backpack (or other means) or you risk not having what you need when you gain access to a rooftop. Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall, has a roof, unlike almost all the rooftops I have visited. There are so many different levels, that each level is connected with other levels by ladders. So, the long metal ladders are your source of access to different views of downtown Spokane buildings. Each ladder is also equipped with a rope so hat you can either raise or lower your equipment, although I decided to keep my gear on my back, with one camera dangling from one shoulder or the other.

The views from Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall, are fantastic. On the Spring/summer visit, I was able to stay up on the rooftop for about an hour, before being chased off the roof by high winds and rain which we could see approaching from the southwest. I made up my mind that I would have to return here again, to try and capture some views that Mother Nature had not allowed me to do that particular day.

The next visit to the rooftop of Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall was a few weeks ago, after dark. I already was familiar with the setup of the ladders and the different levels, so setup was fairly quick and easy this trip to Riverpark Squares roof. In this visit, which was just prior to sunset, we were able to capture a brilliant sunset, and then fantastic views as Mother Nature turned out the lights and it got dark. As it got dark, care had to be used with all of the ladders. The metal ladders got extremely cold, and seemed to really dig in to the fingers this time around. There was a breeze on top, and simply put this was a cold shoot..something I was beginning to get used to.

Here are some select targets for this NTHP shoot, captured from the roof of Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall.

Daylight visit, Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall roof

Night visit, Spokane’s Riverpark Square Mall roof

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